Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Third Day of NTU-Flagship

  • Project Sharing Sessions
- I learnt to work with my groupmates whom I was not close with before the program.
- I learnt about the fundamentals of mechanics and also how gravity and force affects the structure of the model of the water tower and its ability to carry weight.
- I also learnt that a water tower is able to carry a lot of times more than its own weight.
  • How do you feel about the NTU-SST Flagship programme?
The programme has made me understand that engineering is not only in electronics but also in the field of building things. For example, making this water tower is part of engineering as it to test the building's capability to carry as much weight even though its own weight is little.
In general, the programme has been an enriching one and made me gain interest in the field of engineering. It is fun as it is hands-on and I like building things.

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