Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Third Day of NTU-Flagship

  • Project Sharing Sessions
- I learnt to work with my groupmates whom I was not close with before the program.
- I learnt about the fundamentals of mechanics and also how gravity and force affects the structure of the model of the water tower and its ability to carry weight.
- I also learnt that a water tower is able to carry a lot of times more than its own weight.
  • How do you feel about the NTU-SST Flagship programme?
The programme has made me understand that engineering is not only in electronics but also in the field of building things. For example, making this water tower is part of engineering as it to test the building's capability to carry as much weight even though its own weight is little.
In general, the programme has been an enriching one and made me gain interest in the field of engineering. It is fun as it is hands-on and I like building things.

Second Day of NTU-Flagship

  • What did you do today?
Today, my group and I prepared our slides for a presentation that we would be doing after lunch. After lunch, we did the presentation in front of everyone in our project. 
  • What did you learn today?
I boosted my confidence for presentation and improved my presentation skills. I've also learnt how to work with my peers to create a good presentation and present to everyone without being nervous and breaking down.
  • How do you feel about today’s activities?
This project made me understand more about the fundamentals of mechanics and apply what I've learnt in school so far (forces) onto this project. I've also learnt new things like, "bulking" and "punching", and having a slanted shape is better to support more weight.
So far, this day has been an enriching one as I've learnt a lot more about engineering and has made me more interested in engineering.
  • What new questions do you have regarding the discipline?
What other ways is engineering used for in our daily life?

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

First Day of NTU-Flagship

  • What did you do today?
Today, I learnt a lot on how to make a proper structure with a minimum amount of materials that can carry the maximum amount of weight. My group and I attempted to build a model of a water tower using balsa wood. I bonded with my groupmates whom I wasn't close before I went to this project. My group was very cooperative and we managed to build a model of a water tower that is sturdy enough to carry 470N.
  • What did you learn today?
I learnt about the usage of force onto the water tower. To build a sturdy water tower, we must first have a strong foundation. The criss-cross on the water tower are used to make it sturdy and also a stronger base.
  • How do you feel about today’s activities?
This project helps me to improve my planning and drawing for the model before we even work on building it. Working with my groupmates, we managed to use what we learned from school, like force, to build a better water tower. Throughout the day, it has been fun and interesting.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Pre-camp Activity

  • What sounds interesting about this project?
This project, Water Tower Competition is interesting as it is a competition. I also do not know what a water tower is and its functions before the activity. From the words 'Water Tower', I thought that it was about making a tower purely from water, a liquid, and sounds interesting to me.
  • What do you think you can learn from this project?
From this project, I can learn how water is distributed to the residents. I think I can learn about how water is filtered and where it is filtered. I also want to learn where the dozens of pipes are as there are thousands of pipes connecting from the water tower to our own homes.
  • Any immediate questions regarding the project?
What happens if the water tower is unstable and not built properly, and it breaks, causing gallons of water to be gone?